Jamf Pro Workflow to Create Web Kiosk

This is an example of the way OIT creates a secure, web Information Kiosk on macOS.

Before starting create a Jamf Pro Self Service  Policy like the one at the end of this post and assign to appropriate people.

Step 1:  Read the MAC address from the bar code on the box and enter as MDHCP in hostreg.ncsu.edu (or LanAdmin)

Step 2: Connect the device and power up completing the setup assistant and make the initial admin account with secure name and password.

Step 3: Complete Casper Enrollment (nc.jamfcloud.com/enroll)

Step 4: run the  kiosk policy from Self Service and allow it to reboot.

NCSU-OIT-Kiosk-iCab Ongoing Self Service All computers, Limited to user ega
Run Script NCSU-OIT-Kiosk-PMSettings
Install NCSU-OIT-create_kiosk_user-1.0.pkg
Install NCSU-OIT-iCab_502 .dmg
Install NCSU-OIT-webXsaverII.dmg
Install NCSU-OIT-iCab Kiosk Prefs.dmg
Install NCSU-OIT-iCab_LaunchAgent.dmg
Install NCSU-OIT-kiosk screensaver preferences.dmg
Create Admin Account labadmin (labadmin)
Run Script UNCWide-JAMF-ResourceKit-enableARD