Google rolls out new sign-in process and privacy and security tools

To log in to Google Apps @ NC state, you will now have to enter your username and password on two separate sign-in screens. Google implemented the new authentication process to create a consistent log-in experience for all of its products and to reduce confusion for users with multiple accounts.

You may also encounter Google’s new Login Challenge for suspicious sign-ins that asks you to enter personal information (e.g., a code, telephone number, location) to verify your identity. To prevent access issues, keep your profile up-to-date in My Account, Google’s new consolidated security hub. Please be advised that the Login Challenge is not Google’s 2-Step Verification. If you enable 2-Step, you will NOT be presented with the Login Challenge screen.

New privacy and security tools
Once you’ve logged in to Google Apps, take advantage of the new privacy and security tools in My Account. It replaces the Google Account settings page and allows you to manage your:

  • sign-in and security settings
    Take the Privacy and Security checkups to edit your personal privacy and security settings.
    Activate 2-Step Verification to add an extra layer of security to your account.
  • personal information and privacy settings
    Managing information that can be used from Search, Maps, YouTube, and other products.
  • account preferences
    Control the apps and sites that can connect to your account.

For additional details on Google’s recent enhancements, check out the May edition of Google Apps What’s New. You can also follow the Google Service Team on: