WolfTech Active Directory service owner and coordinator announced

OIT announces it is taking responsibility as the service owner of the campus WolfTech Active Directory (AD) service. The service will continue to be managed in collaboration with the College of Engineering and the AD Policy and Technical governance committees.

WolfTech AD allows campus departments and units to manage and share computer resources and services (e.g., application packages, Windows deployment services, file services) and system administrators to assign policies, deploy software, and apply critical updates for an organization. It also provides user login services for Shibboleth, including the MyPack Portal and other campus applications.

This announcement comes after a 2013 internal audit that noted concerns about the lack of an identified service owner who would ensure the service has the necessary resources, including funding, hardware, licensing, maintenance, and technical support.

Vice Chancellor of Information Technology Marc Hoit also named Debbie Carraway, assistant director of Systems and Hosted Services in OIT Infrastructure, Systems and Operations, as the service coordinator to ensure the service meets the needs and expectations of campus users. In this role, Carraway will:

  • ensure the overall service is operating smoothly.
  • act as a point of contact for the service and direct inquiries to the appropriate service teams.
  • ensure the IT governance groups are meeting as needed and are coordinating with each other.
  • work with the service team leads to ensure that submitted issues via the campus call-tracking system are handled appropriately.
  • ensure that decisions about the service are made by the appropriate IT governance body.

If you have questions about the WolfTech Active Directory service, contact Debbie Carraway at oit_windows@help.ncsu.edu.