Google introduces Trash functionality for Calendar events and new About Me page

Until recently, if you had deleted a Google Calendar event, there was no chance of retrieving it.

Google recently added a new Trash functionality that allows you to restore Calendar events for a primary or secondary calendar for which you have editing rights. You also have 30 days to restore deleted events before they are removed permanently.

So if you should accidentally delete a Calendar event, you can retrieve it from two locations:

  • My Calendars
    • Select the specific Calendar drop down menu.
    • Choose Trash.
  • Calendar Settings
    • From the Calendar Settings gear, choose Settings.
    • Select the Calendars tab.
    • Select a specific Calendar.
    • Select the Trash tab.

If you have deleted events since the deployment of this new functionality, you will receive a one-time notification from Google explaining the updates.

For more details, see Restore deleted events in Google Calendar Web.

It’s all About Me!
If you want to control what information is publicly displayed about you in your Google Apps account, go to Google’s new About Me page.

There you can edit fields like work history, contact information, educational background, gender, and birthday. Your changes will appear across the entire suite of Google services. See Privacy Settings to configure other visibility settings for your account.

For more details on Google’s new enhancements, including the new mobile apps updates for iOS and Android devices, check out the October edition of Google Apps What’s New. You can also follow the Google Service Team on: