OIT Software Licensing Management to review software applications and renewals

Effective Wednesday, June 1, OIT Software Licensing Management will review all campus requests to purchase software applications and renewals over $5,000 to ensure they meet university, federal and state guidelines for security and accessibility. These requests include:

  • software
  • software as a service
  • cloud services
  • current software subscriptions
  • maintenance and support

This initial review has the potential to save the university time and money by preventing departments from purchasing software that:

  • puts sensitive university data at risk.
  • does not meet the needs of the campus population with disabilities.
  • requires integration with enterprise-level applications.

If you intend to purchase software over $5,000, you will need to have an IT support staff who is familiar with the product to complete the IT Purchase Compliance Form. Software Licensing Management will review your request as quickly as possible and will notify you if there are any issues. Keep in mind that some software purchases are complex and can take longer to review.

The NC State Purchasing Department will only process purchase requisitions after Software Licensing Management has reviewed and recommended the requested software.  

For additional information, see the IT Purchase Compliance Information website.