Using Google Generic Accounts and 2-Step Verification

In July, OIT implemented a new policy requiring campus users with access to purple data to enable Google 2-Step Verification on their Google Apps @ NC State account and any Google Generic Accounts (centrally shared accounts) to which they are listed as owners or contacts in Web Registry. This implementation will provide additional security for these accounts.

Since the implementation of this policy, the NC State Help Desk has received questions about the use of generic accounts with 2-Step. To help you get started, see the initial tips below and continue to check the Two-Step Verification for Generic Accounts web page for the latest best practices.

  • If you only use a generic account to send mail to either internal or external users, set up mail delegation, which:
    • Allows you to send email without logging directly into your generic account.
    • Avoids the need to use 2-Step to gain access to your generic account.
  • If you are granted delegation rights, you should have 2-Step enabled on your own account.
  • You should only log directly into a generic account to make changes to settings that cannot be done by a delegate.
    These generic account logins should be reserved to users listed as the account service contacts in Web Registry. Remember these service contacts are permitted to request any changes or support for the account, so limit access to as few people as required.
  • If you have multiple users logging into a generic account, you should coordinate the activation of 2-Step with all parties involved.

For additional questions about using 2-Step with your user account or a generic account, contact the NC State Help Desk at or 919.515.4357 (HELP).