OIT to develop new Cybersecurity Liaison Program

NC State, like many other institutions of higher education, is at risk from threats to its digital assets and daily operations. In an effort to strengthen NC State’s security infrastructure against security challenges, NC State leadership has charged the Office of Information Technology Security and Compliance unit (OIT S&C), along with campus IT partners, to implement and manage a Cybersecurity Liaison Program.

The program will be a network of designated college and department/unit representatives who will collaborate with OIT S&C to defend against cyber threats. The program’s mission is to keep the University’s digital assets secure by continuously identifying and addressing weaknesses in its cyber defenses. This team will be empowered to address security incidents and compliance requirements at the college, division or department/unit level in coordination with OIT S&C. Some activities that the liaison team will be engaged in include:

  • Briefing local constituents on security issues
  • Serving as ambassadors for security standards and best practices
  • Recommending best practices to secure data within their unit
  • Assisting in classifying home unit data/systems
  • Reporting any suspected breach/exposure of sensitive data to OIT S&C
  • Providing home unit concerns/feedback on security matters to OIT S&C
  • Serving as point of contact for S&C identified incidents
  • Participating in periodic security training, briefings and other events

University Council members (vice chancellors, vice provosts, deans, and directors) are asked to appoint at least one staff member who will serve as lead to represent their area on the team.  Additional representatives may be appointed at the department level based on the size and scope of the division or college. Appointed representative(s) should be added to this Google Sheet by Wednesday, Nov. 23.

Each representative should have basic knowledge of the business processes or information technology systems within the college, division or department/unit. Basic IT security knowledge is a plus, but is not required. OIT S&C will coordinate and provide ongoing training to help liaisons develop basic security knowledge, greatly strengthening the University’s ability to defend against increasing threats. Liaisons are expected to commit about three hours per month to this program.