New Identity Management system to offer self-service password reset

This spring, NC State will replace its aging Unity account management infrastructure with a new integrated Identity Management (IdM) system. The IdM system will provide a variety of functions to improve the automation of account and access provisioning and deprovisioning for various university services (e.g., G Suite and WolfTech). IdM will serve as the official source of record for user identification information, including Unity ID, roles, and university affiliations (e.g., student, faculty, staff, guest). The system will also manage access to accounts and systems, based upon defined roles or events.

The first phase of the multi-year project includes:

  • Self-service password reset
    Most campus users will have the ability to reset their passwords online without the assistance of the NC State Help Desk or local IT staff.
  • Self-service password change Web interface
    The Web interface has been upgraded to become more user friendly, helping campus users to create unique and strong passwords.
  • Self-service User Identification Authentication (UIA) Web interface
    The new self-service feature will rely on updated UIA security questions and answers. Campus users will find it much easier to select and update their individual entries. Those who have completed UIA security questions in the existing system will need to create new questions and responses in the new system once it becomes available.
  • Email-based notifications
    Campus users will now receive email notifications when their passwords are about to expire.

OIT will communicate additional information pertaining to the rollout of the new Identity Management service to campus soon.