Get your copy of Computing @ NC State and Student Services Calendar

Need a copy of this year’s Computing @ NC State or the Student Services Calendar?

You can find them at the Avent Ferry Technology Center, the NC State Bookstores, the West Dunn Building, the College of Veterinary Medicine (calender only), and the Hillsborough Building.

These OIT publications introduce students, their families and university employees to information technology resources as well as numerous campus activities.

Inside each is pertinent IT-related information regarding Google Apps @ NC State, safe computing, Unity accounts, the MyPack Portal, mobile device security, antivirus, copyright infringement, social networking, phishing, accessible IT, phone service, and iTunes U. You’ll also find helpful tips about network connections, cable TV, printing, computer labs, and computing specifications.  

As a faculty or staff member, it is possible that you will receive event or IT-related questions from students. Please take this opportunity to direct them to the locations above to get a printed copy of each publication.

For more IT-related information: