Turn on 2FA today!

Campus units, departments and colleges are racing against the Oct. 31 deadline to enroll their employees in the university’s two-factor authentication solutions — Google 2-Step Verification and Duo Security — to access many information technology services.

As of Monday, Aug. 14, approximately 57 percent of 23,300 campus employees have enrolled in Google 2-Step and 47 percent have enrolled in Duo. All active employees, including faculty, staff, student employees, and no-pay employees/retirees are required to enroll by Oct. 31 in both:

  • Google 2-Step for NC State G Suite accounts, including Google generic accounts for which they are listed as an administrative or technical contact.
  • Duo for university web applications that use Shibboleth authentication, including the MyPack Portal, Moodle and PeopleAdmin.

Google 2-Step and Duo “double check” your identity when you sign in to an account by requiring you to log in with a password and an additional security measure, including a security code that is delivered to a mobile device via text or mobile app, a USB security key or backup codes. This simple two-step login process makes it extremely difficult for a hacker to breach your account and thwarts up to 98 percent of all phishing attacks.

OIT encourages you to enroll now in both Google 2-Step and Duo to protect yourself and the university against hundreds of cyber threats that occur daily.

Enrollment help and support

  • See self-enrollment instructions at  2-Factor Authentication at NC State.
  • Attend a 2FA class for campus. To register, visit REPORTER.
  • Contact your local IT staff for department specific training opportunities or individual enrollment questions.
  • Contact the NC State Help Desk at help@ncsu.edu or 919.515.4357 (HELP).
  • Complete User Identification and Authentication security questions for expedited assistance, should help desk support be required.
  • Consider using 2FA for your personally-owned accounts, including your personal email, banking and social media accounts. You can find out more about other websites and services that offer two-factor authentication at Two-Factor Auth (2FA).