Board of Governors implements new UNC IT Security Policy

On March 5, the UNC Board of Governors enacted an Information Security Policy requiring all institutions of the UNC System to establish an information security program and designate a senior officer who will report to the chancellor and be responsible for all university information security.

NC State Chancellor Randy Woodson has appointed Marc Hoit, vice chancellor for information technology, to be the senior officer responsible for IT Security. IT security was made part of the Board of Trustees Audit, Risk Management and Finance committee’s responsibility in 2017. The vice chancellor for IT is required to report to the committee on a regular basis.

Mardecia Bell, chief information security officer and director of OIT Security and Compliance, will support Hoit and will be responsible for the management of the university’s information security program.

The new policy also describes oversight activities that will be undertaken by the Board of Governors and the Boards of Trustees. For more information, see Chancellor Woodson’s 3D Memo.