Password changes required for Google generic accounts by May 31

The Google Service Team (GST) is now requiring a stronger, higher-entropy password and an annual password change to further protect Google generic accounts in Web Registry. Generic accounts will need to meet the new password requirements by Friday, May 31.

Web Registry will continue to offer the ability to generate a high-entropy password for generic accounts and will display it for technical and administrative contacts.

If you fail to change the password for your generic account by May 31, you will have to log in to Web Registry to generate a new password to regain account access.

Please remember that:

  • Users with delegated access to the generic account will not need the new password.
  • Generic accounts with 2FA enabled should not encounter any issues. Google app-specific passwords will remain operational. For help or additional information on generics and 2FA, visit Generic Account.

The GST has emailed information about the change and required actions to technical and administrative contacts and to their generic accounts. Technical and administrative contacts will be notified when the annual password change is required.

As a reminder, service contacts for generic accounts should take this opportunity to:

  • Review their administrative and technical contact listings to confirm they are up-to-date.
  • Submit a deletion request for generic accounts that are no longer needed.

If you have any questions, contact the NC State Help Desk at 919.515.4357 (HELP) or