Creative Cloud and Acrobat serial licenses to expire on Nov. 30

Campus users of Adobe software should be aware that serial licenses for all Creative Cloud and Acrobat products created in 2018 will expire on Saturday, Nov. 30.

What does this mean for you?

OIT Managed Desktop Users
If you are an OIT Managed Desktop user, on Friday, Nov. 15, OIT will push out a new software package that will remove any old versions of Acrobat software and replace it with the new one on your machine. This should prevent any interruption in your usage of Acrobat Pro. Creative Cloud products should already be up-to-date. If you encounter a problem with Acrobat after the Nov. 15 update, please submit a request for assistance. Do not attempt to resolve the issue on your own.

College Managed Desktop Users
If you are a college managed desktop user, your IT support staff will handle the rollout of the new Acrobat and Creative Cloud software package.

Other Users
You should remove the serial licenses for all 2018 Acrobat and Creative Cloud products and install the 2019 software package prior to Nov. 30. Instructions and more information are available via the OIT Software Licensing Management website.

Device Licenses Users
If you are using 2018 device licenses on work machines, they will expire as well and will need to be updated. This should only affect shared office laptops, labs and machines for student workers. Software Licensing Management has been working directly with these campus customers to complete this task.