Cybersecurity Operations (CyberSecOps)

The Cybersecurity Operations (CyberSecOps) team is part of OIT Security and Compliance (S&C), and our goal is to secure the campus network for North Carolina State University. 

CyberSecOps services include:

  • Secure Computing:
    • Data Protection 
    • Multifactor Authentication Solutions 
    • Network Security Monitoring
    • Password Vault
    • SSL Certificate Management
    • Vulnerability Scanning and Pen Testing
    • Web Application Security Testing
  • Security Consulting and Education:
    • General Security Consultation
    • Security Architecture
    • Security Review
  • Security Incident Response and Investigation:
    • Digital Forensics 
    • Security Incident and Response
    • Security Support Services

If you have any questions related to cybersecurity, visit the NC State IT Service Portal.

Director of Cybersecurity Operations

Andrew Kotynski
Director, Cybersecurity Operations (CyberSecOps)