Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform is a wide-ranging suite of services and resources for handling various workloads on Google’s Cloud infrastructure. Its offerings span the SaaS to PaaS spectrum, so you can choose to manage your own VM through Google Compute Engine, or you can go serverless, and put your code into a Cloud Function. Read more about Google Cloud’s services.

To learn more about GCP, we recommend you start with the following resources:

Note: Self service creation of projects must be done under the Learning Playground folder. The folder must be selected when either creating a new GCP project, or when creating a project in the Google Developer Console.  For such projects, the use of free GCP resources or GCP credits will be used.

Google Cloud Service Stabilization Project

There is a project currently underway to accomplish changes in the GCP environment over the next coming months:

  • [DONE] Add a VPN back to campus specifically for the Shared VPC
  • Migrate appropriate services into the Shared VPC if they need access to on campus resources.
  • [DONE] Integration with the Splunk Log Analysis platform for log monitoring and alerting.
  • [In Progress] Re-organization of billing accounts to transition existing GCP customers to a consolidated billing and budgeting structure which will allow for discounts through the Internet2 NET+ GCP agreement
  • [In Progress] Re-organization of Projects into a folder structure utilizing group-based permissions for better role based access control
  • Facilitate additional learning opportunities for interested users to get more familiar with the GCP environment, and make the most of the resources available
  • Facilitate a cohesive process for the application, award, and use of GCP Research Credits aligning with updated billing and budgeting processes.