Hard Disk Erasing with Active@ KillDisk

NC State University has purchased an enterprise license for Active@ KillDisk Professional. Active@ KillDisk is a configurable disk cleaning utility designed to permanently remove data stored on university-owned computer hard drives. This software will work regardless of the operating system installed on the machine (Windows, Linux, etc.). When used properly, Active@ KillDisk will remove all data on a hard disk without the possibility of future recovery.

  1. Contact your local IT department to request a copy. If your local IT does not have a copy, they will need to request it from the Software Licensing Management office.
  2. Copy the self-extracting zipped bundle to a removal disk.  For instructions on how to create a bootable disk, see Data Removal.
  3. Boot the machine to be erased from the removable disk into a DOS environment.
  4. From the DOS menu, choose the desired item (e.g., reviewing the data contained on the hard disk, deleting data contained on a specific partition or deleting all data on the hard disk).

Active@ KillDisk allows you to specify various levels of disk cleaning (e.g., cleaning to established Department of Defense standards for the protection of critical data).

For directions on using the different modes of Active@ KillDisk, see Hard Drive Eraser Modes of Operations.

For additional information, see: