Data Removal

NC State University is obligated to remove confidential data and certain software applications from surplused computer equipment in order to maintain data security, be compliant with various federal and state regulations, and fulfill licensing agreements. To ensure due diligence, the university has implemented procedures for surplusing computer equipment.

Surplused computer equipment requirements

  • Must have the hard drive completely erased or removed and destroyed
  • Must have a label attached to the equipment signed by an NC State employee that certifies that the hard drive has been erased or removed
  • See Disposition of Property for details.

Hard disk drive erasing guidelines and tools

Labeling instructions

  • Once the hard disk has been erased, a verification label must be attached to the computer equipment.
  • Verification labels in Word format or PDF format may be printed on any of the following:
    • Avery 5963 label or 5163 label
    • any 2″ x 4″ label
    • plain sheet of paper taped to the equipment.
  • The verification label must contain:
    • printed name
    • signature
    • date
    • serial number
  • The serial number must be shown on BOTH of the following:
    • on-line AM Surplus Request form
    • verification label attached to the equipment
  • Improperly labeled computer equipment will not be picked up for surplus.


Only NC State employees may verify that computer equipment’s hard drive has been erased or removed.

Additional Assistance

  • Surplus procedures
    Materials Management Surplus Property unit: 515-5525 or 515-9464.
  • Proper erasing of hard disk drives
    NC State Help Desk,