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Unmanned Aerial Systems, or UAS, offer great potential as tools for research and teaching. NC State regulation 10.10.09, Operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems establishes a framework for identifying, managing, and mitigating risk when using UAS, in order to ensure compliance with all State and Federal laws and regulations, and in furtherance of NC State’s institutional goals and objectives.

University Pilot Requirements

Individuals serving as pilots of UAS for a NC State Department or Unit (“University UAS Pilot”) must meet the following requirements:

  • Approval by the Vice Chancellor or Dean having supervisory authority over the Department or Unit to serve as a University UAS Pilot
  • Registration as a University UAS Pilot at UAS Pilot Registration Form
  • Obtained a Remote Pilot Certificate and Fed Airmen Cert number
  • Passed NC UAS knowledge test and obtained NC UAS Operator Permit
  • Have at least five (5) hours of UAS flight experience

Required Notification

Because of the potential legal and risk management issues involved in operating UAS, a written summary of the proposed activities must be submitted at least thirty (30) days prior to the date of the first intended use or, if thirty days is not possible, as soon as reasonably practicable before conducting the University Activity.

Use this web form for notification:  Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Notification Form

Upon submission, you will receive a response acknowledging receipt of your notification.  If there are any concerns or issues about the proposed UAS activities, you will be contacted by the appropriate University unit (such as Risk Management, Police, or Office of Research and Innovation) for further discussion.  Otherwise, you will not receive any further communication, and you may carry out the proposed activities as long as they are conducted in compliance with Federal and State laws, and applicable University policies.

The Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation and the Vice Chancellor for Information Technology have joint oversight of all operations of UAS for university activities.

UAS Insurance

NC State Departments and Units must obtain UAS insurance for its UAS that would cover the Department or Unit’s proposed activity.  Departments and Units should contact NC State’s Insurance and Risk Management Office in order to obtain this insurance.

Advisory Group

The UAS Advisory Group consists of representatives from the College of Engineering, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, University Police, Institute for Transportation Research and Education, and the Director of Insurance and Risk Management. The group’s role is to advise the Vice Chancellors on university UAS activities. The Advisory Group is responsible for reviewing and recommending rules, procedures and standards for UAS operation.

Prohibition of Flights

Unless identified as a designated area, no person shall operate a UAS on, in or over any university premises. Exceptions may be granted by Office of Insurance and Risk Management after consulting with the Office of General Counsel. Individuals or companies desiring to operate UAS on university premises for commercial photography or filming purposes must contact University Communications prior to conducting any flights.

Hobby or Recreational Use of UAS

Persons who wish to operate UAS on university premises for hobby or recreational purposes are encouraged to provide the Office of Insurance and Risk Management with the following information at least three (3) university business day before the proposed date of the use: the name of the UAS pilot, the type of UAS to be flown, the dates and locations where the UAS will be operated, and the names of all individuals who will be participating in the activity.

Insurance and Risk site for notification:

UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) Hobby Notification Form

Man holding umanned aerial fixed wing plane in a field with control system in foreground.For questions or help

Shawn Troxler, Office of General Counsel
Email: sctroxle@ncsu.edu

Marc Hoit, Vice Chancellor for IT
Email: mihoit@ncsu.edu

Mladen Vouk, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, Innovation & Economic Development
Email: vouk@ncsu.edu

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