Infrastructure Technologies Advisory Group (InTAG)

Note:  This is the new name for the The Communication Technologies Advisory Group (CTAG)

The Infrastructure Technologies Advisory Group (InTAG) advises the management teams of OIT Shared Services and OIT Communication Technologies (assistant vice chancellor and directors and assistant/associate directors) on a wide range of issues and topics.  The group typically meets monthly on the first Thursday although meetings are occasionally canceled when there’s not a substantial agenda.

As an advisory workgroup, these meetings are not considered open meetings; however, visitors having items of interest to the group are encouraged to attend by seeking sponsorship from their respective group member or the ComTech Director.  This communication should be finalized a minimum of 48-hours before the meeting and include the basis for the request.

The InTAG does not follow Robert’s Rules nor do we capture minutes.  Instead, we have constructive discussion driving towards consensus and note significant highlights from our meetings.

InTag Membership 

Agendas and Notes