Phishing Attempts at NC State

Phishers keep trying to hook you

  • They are constantly targeting the NC State email system.
  • Their messages seem to come from an authoritative source within the university.
  • They usually ask that you provide your Unity password or click on a link inside the message.
  • They claim to need your information to perform some urgent, important system function.

Keep in mind

  • Such messages are always fraudulent.
  • NC State IT personnel will NEVER ask for your password or your 2FA bypass codes, by email or otherwise.

How to respond

  • If you receive a phishing message, do not reply to it.
  • Instead, report it as follows:
    1. Open the Gmail message you’d like to report.
    2. At the top-right corner of the message,
    click on the More icon (three vertical dots).
    3. From the list that opens,
    select Report Phishing.
  • If you wish to report a spam message received at an email address from an off-campus host, see Protection from Phishing for details.

Additional information about phishing at NC State