Television Requirements

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OIT delivers WolfTV in Clear QAM format, so you’ll need a TV with a QAM tuner.  Most major-brand TVs manufactured after 2010 have one, but some do not.

Before you buy

  • It is your responsibility to make sure that the TV can receive a QAM signal.
  • An ATSC or digital tuner, per se, is not necessarily QAM-compatible.
  • Please see the lists below, but note that neither list is complete.

Manufacturers likely to have a QAM tuner:

  • LG
  • Panasonic
  • Samsung
  • Sharp
  • Sony

NOTE: Some models of the above manufacturers do not have a QAM tuner, and you may need a code to activate the TV. Consult the manufacturer for details.

Manufacturers with many models that do not have a QAM tuner:

  • Element
  • Seiki
  • Upstar
    Some Upstar models can receive a QAM signal if the firmware is updated. For details, contact Upstar technical support: 877.908.6777, ext. 3.
  • Newer Visio models (2016 or newer)
  • Westinghouse

PackTV can not provide a specific list of manufacturers that provide QAM tuners in their television sets.  Consult with a knowledgeable sales person to determine if the television is QAM capable or contact the manufacturer directly (courtesy of Southeastern University).


If you have determined that your TV is QAM-compatible but is not receiving the WolfTV signal, see Cable Service Troubleshooting.