Wireless Network Access

A robust wireless data network provides access to NC State campus computing services and the Internet for all students, faculty and staff at the main campus, Centennial campus and the College of Veterinary Medicine. This network is currently based on 802.11 a/g/n/ac protocols and is maintained by Communication Technologies. They are working toward full implementation of the 802.11n/ac protocol, which will enhance wireless coverage in classrooms and throughout the campuses.

Eduroam logoFree, secure wireless Internet access, provided by eduroam (education roaming), is now available at NC State and at thousands of other educational and research institutions in dozens of countries.  As an NC State student, faculty or staff member, when you enroll a wireless device in eduroam locally, that device is automatically enrolled at every other participating institution worldwide. For more information about this service visit eduroam.org.

Enrolling in eduroam at NC State

  • To enroll while being connected to NC State’s campus wireless network (ncsu or ncsu-guest):
    • You’ll need only your Unity ID and password to get started.
    • Go to Enroll in eduroam and follow the prompts to install the appropriate items for the device being connected.
      NOTE: We recommend that you enroll now and begin using eduroam.
      Eventually, the ncsu service set identifier (SSID) will be discontinued.
  • To enroll without being connected to NC State’s campus wireless network:

Connecting with eduroam at NC State

  • NC State students, faculty and staff
    • Once you have enrolled in eduroam, your device will connect to the campus wireless network automatically, as soon as you turn it on.
    • You will not need to log in with your Unity ID and password.
  • Guests
    • Guests who have enrolled in eduroam elsewhere should connect automatically to our eduroam network.
    • Other guests will have access to our Guest Wireless network.

Connecting with eduroam elsewhere

  • Once you’ve enrolled in eduroam at NC State, when you are in another participating institution’s wireless coverage area, you should automatically connect to its network without logging in.
  • If you don’t connect automatically, then select:
    from the list of Wi-Fi networks detected by your device.

Connecting without eduroam at NC State

  • NC State students, faculty and staff
    • Your device should detect wireless networks automatically.
    • From its list of available networks, select:
      and enter your Unity ID and password.
    • If you register your device, you will not need to enter these credentials every time.
      For details, see Nomad Registration.
    • NOTE: We recommend that you enroll in eduroam now and begin using it.
    • Eventually, the “ncsu” service set identifier (SSID) will be discontinued.
  • Guests
    • Your device should detect the network automatically.
    • To connect, see Guest Wireless.

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