Entrance to the Hillsborough building is now by authorized proximity badge only

Instructions for access by visitors to the building are provided in the lobby. Essentially, there is a phone to call the person being visited, who will let visitors in beyond the lobby.

Visitors (including non-residents of the Hillsborough building who are employees) attending meetings in conference rooms in the building should make arrangements with a meeting attendee on how to be let in if they arrive after the meeting start time, as the phones in the conference rooms may have their ringers turned off or be busy hosting a teleconference.

The visitor instructions also explain how to reach the Help Desk, someone for Optical Scanning services, Operations, and someone to receive deliveries. Note: Help Desk contact should be initiated using 515-HELP (4357), using help@ncsu.edu, or using the Walk-in Center in the West Dunn Building, as opposed to coming to the Hillsborough building.