MacPolicy 08112009


MacPolicy Group Agenda
August 11, 2009
1:30 to 2:30 — Room B16-B Hillsborough Bld.
1) Announcements – 5 min
a) MEETING CHANGE: MacPolicy and MacTech will both meet again on  Sep 8, 2009
b) OIT will support only version 10.3 or newer of Mac OS X after Dec 31, 2008
c) OIT will support only version 10.4 or newer of Mac OS X after Dec 31, 2009
d) OIT  does not have a  support policy for Boot Camp.
e) OIT  does not support Classic mode on either ppc or intel hardware at all.
f) MacOS AMP Licenses and Media at
g) VirusBarrior X5 – Update defs with NetUpdate.
h) OIT Macintosh Support Web Site for updates..
i) Unity Macintosh Kit uses /Users/$uid$ in the LDAPv3 configuration to create a local home on each machine at login
j) Modified Unity Macintosh Kits are supported by the unit which has made the modifications.
k) All OIT distributed Symantec Antivirus software should have been removed by June 22, 2009 to remain in license compliance.
2) Fall 2009 Unity Macintosh Lab Kit  – 10 min.
The fall lab kit is now available from the image server.  It has been tested on Intel: iMac 2009 24″ and MacMini Core2Duo; PPC: iMac G5.

3) Mac OS X VLA survey  – 10 min.
Early numbers show about a 17% increase in Macintosh computers on campus.  We have seen that not all units have reported and that there was confusion about testing the survey.  Please take time to take the survey again with the best possible counts so we can accurately negotiate a VLA before the deadline next year. Please check the printout at this meeting as well. This is your HOMEWORK due by the next meeting on Sep 8, 2009. Discussion.

4) WolfTech Group Issue Update – 10 min.
We continue to work with the WolfTech AD group to resolve the issue where directory services group membership check api’s return incorrect information.  We have verified that the api’s return correctly with using the test AD WolfTest.  We will be working with Security and Compliance and ISO to audit the directory objects in both domains to try to find and reproduce the issue. Discussion

5) Active Directory Testing Fall 2009   – 10 min.
As you may be aware OIT is testing Active Directory usage for Windows based lab computers in certain labs for fall 2009.  The Macintosh Team intends to test AD as well pending resolution of the groups issue in WolfTech.  So far we have verified that authentication works reliably for loginwindow only.  We have determined that CUPS printing is not impacted because it uses proxy authentication.  We need to test and resolve the use of OpenAFS file space with AD authentication.  If these issues are resolved we will move some Macintosh Lab machines to AD during Fall semester 2009.  NOTE: The fall Unity Macintosh lab kit is distributed with NO CHANGE in authentication and authorization.  The kits remain authenticating to the OIT MIT kerberos realm and authorizing and getting account attributes from the OIT OpenLDAP tree.

6) Antivirus Update – 10 min.
OIT continues to work towards a unified, managed antivirus solution for Mac OS X computers with Trend Micro/Intego. OIT is takeing the first look at the beta’s of a new managed antivirus client from TM/Intego. This evaluation is on going and bound by non-disclosure.  Simply be aware that OIT is working on it. Discussion.

7) Q&A   – 10 min.
You ask we try to answer.

8) HOMEWORK due next meeting Sept. 8, 2009   – 1 min.
Complete or retake the Mac OS X License Survey at:
Next meeting – Tue. Sep 8, 2009 in Room B16-B Hillsborough from 1:30-2:30 pm.
MacTech – 2nd Tuesday each month: 2009: Jan. 13, Feb. 10, Mar. 10, Apr. 14, May. 12, Jun. 9, Aug. 11, Sep. 8, Oct. 13, Nov. 10, Dec.8
MacPolicy – 2nd Tuesday of every other month:  2009: Jan. 13, Mar. 10, May. 12, Aug 11, Sep. 8, Nov. 10.
All meetings will be held in B16-B Hillsborough Bld.
Please mark your calendar.