MacTech 10122010


MacTech Group Agenda

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

2:30 to 4:30 pm

 Room B16-B Hillsborough Bld.

1) Announcements – 5 min

  1. OIT will support only version 10.4.11 or newer of Mac OS X after Dec 31, 2009 
  2. OIT  does not have a  support policy for Boot Camp.
  3. OIT  does not support Classic mode all.
  4. MacOS AMP Licenses and Media at
  5. VirusBarrior X5 – Update filters with NetUpdate.
  6. OIT Macintosh Support Web Site for updates.
  7. Unity Macintosh Kit uses /Users/$uid$ in the Active Directory configuration to create a local home on each machine at login
  8. Modified Unity Macintosh Kits are supported by the unit which has made the modifications.
  9. Only Apple, Intel (i386) hardware are supported for Unity Macintosh kits.
  10. Please remember to check prices at to verify best price with NC State Marketplace
  11. Anyone wanting to get access to training and tools for Apple Certified Technician should register at   Email for Sold-to Account number and approval.
  12. UNC Combined Pricing Initiative (CPI)
  13. UNC CAUSE November 8-10, 2010 Hilton Riverside Wilmington, NC.


2) AELP Macintosh Software Collection Update – 10 min.

 OIT has renewed the volume license agreement for Mac OS X under the new Apple Education Licensing Program.  Bill Coker from OIT Security and Compliance will send out emails to folks who have licenses when the licenses and media ship. 

The new license program has annual renewal and will cover the “Mac Software Collection License & 12 mos. Maint. – Institution”  product. The Mac Software Collection includes Mac OSX, iLife, and iWork. Everyone should have gotten an email regarding the price change from $27.70 to $28.50 per seat. Everyone who makes an order automatically gets 1 Media Set on DVD and be charged $15 extra.  New machines are NOT AUTOMATICALLY COVERED on this program.  There are extra licenses if you need them contact Discussion. 

NOTES:  None .


3) Trend Micro Office Scan for Macintosh Update – 10 min.

OIT is working on final documentation for the switch from Virus Barrier X5 to managed Trend Micro Office Scan for Macintosh.  Due to personnel changes this did not happen over Fall Break 2010. We intend to make the switch before Decembber 30, 2010.  Discussion. 

NOTES:  Questions about updates not happening in cloned lab kit.  OIT is investigating.


4)  UNC Combined Pricing Initiative (CPI) program for IT purchases Update – 10 min.

The CPI documentation is at  At this time continue to purchase Apple hardware via Market Place as usual.  There has been no change and negotiations are on going at GA with Apple.  Discussion. 

NOTES:  Question about  exception process.


5) Full Casper Suite Service for Campus Update – 10 min.

OIT is still  looking at purchasing the full Casper Suite for use on campus.  We are willing to contribute to the initial purchase cost and setup cost.  We are looking for folks who will pay the $11 per set on going maint. costs.  A demo of the features of the full Casper Suite .  Please email with the number of seats you would like to have.   More discussions have taken place in other committees on campus but we appear to be able to move forward as a bulk buy.  I have commitment for about 1,100 seats which qualifies us for the $11 maint. rate.  If we can get to 2,000 then we can get the $9 per year rate.  Please let me know.  Discussion.

NOTES: Need to extend test license for server.  

UPDATE 10132010.  Requested and received new license number from JAMFSoftware to continue test server until Nov 1, 2010.


6) Increase in Apple Sales in HiEd – 20 min.

There has been a fairly large change in the amount of Apple hardware being purchased in HiEd in the last few years.  

 Media reports and ad hoc stories also describe a trend of increased purchases.

What does this mean for support?  Discussion. 

NOTES:  None.


7) Q&A   – 15 min.

You ask we try to answer. 



Next meeting – Tue. Nov 16, 2010 in Room B16-B Hillsborough from 2:30-4:30 pm.   

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All meetings will be held in B16-B Hillsborough Building unless otherwise announced. 

Please mark your calendar.