Find missing email or block unwanted mail with Postini


As of Feb. 16, 2013, NC State began changing its junk mail filtering service from Postini to Gmail in a server-by-server “rolling” fashion; not every user account will be changed on the same day. When your account is changed:

  • You will no longer receive a daily Quarantine Report.
  • You will not be able to adjust Junk Settings (Approve Senders, Block Senders, Manage Junk Filters) in Postini, but you will have similar tools in Gmail.
  • The instructions on this page will no longer apply to your email.  When all user accounts have been changed, this page will be removed.

For details, see Changes in Junk Mail Handling.

If you use the OIT central email system, remember to check your campus spam service, Postini, regularly. You’ll especially want to do this if you suspect your email is missing or you’re getting unwanted email. Your spam quarantine report arrives in your inbox only once a day, but you can log in to your Postini Message Center anytime to view email that has been flagged as spam.

From within the Postini Message Center, you can approve senders whose mail was blocked and block senders whose mail you don’t want to receive. To help reduce the amount of spam you’re receiving, you can also change the overall junk filter default level from lenient to normal, strict, aggressive, or very aggressive. For more help with Postini, view Non-delivery of Your Campus Email and Best Practices for Managing Junk Mail with Postini.