Spring 2012 Software Install Plan

Name: OIT-Unity Lab Software Install SP 2012
Active: Yes
Frequency: Once per computer
Trigger: every15
Scope: This policy is not assigned to any clients
Plan:  Install Campus-Office 2011 Installer.mpkg
 Install OIT-Adobe CS5_5 Web Premium_Install.pkg
 Install OIT-AIM-2.2.439.pkg
 Install OIT-ArchExplorer JEE 2.3.pkg
 Install OIT-Audacity_1.3.13.dmg
 Install OIT-Citrix Receiver 11.3.2.dmg
 Install OIT-Cn3D_4.3.0.dmg
 Install OIT-ExpanDrive_2.3.0.dmg
 Install OIT-Fetch_5.7_5H314.dmg
 Install OIT-Final Cut Express35.pkg
 Install OIT-FireFox_8.0.1.dmg
 Install OIT-Flip4Mac_WMV2.4.0.11.mpkg
 Install OIT-Fugu_1.2.1.dmg
 Install OIT-Geometers Sketchpad 4.0.7.dmg
 Install OIT-Google Notifier 1.10.7.dmg
 Install OIT-Google_Chrome_15.0.874.121.dmg
 Install OIT-Google_Earth_6.1.dmg
 Install OIT-iLife’11.dmg
 Install OIT-iWork 09.dmg
 Install OIT-JMP 9.dmg
 Install OIT-KeyServer K2 Client 6.1.dmg
 Install OIT-MacTeX-2011_150fixed.mpkg
 Install OIT-Maple15.00.dmg
 Install OIT-Mathematica8.0.0.dmg
 Install OIT-MathType6.0.dmg
 Install OIT-Matlab2011a.dmg
 Install OIT-MS Office 2011 v1402.dmg
 Install OIT-NCSU Google.pkg
 Install OIT-OpenGrass 6.3.0.dmg
 Install OIT-Perian 1.2.2.dmg
 Install OIT-python-3.1.3-macosx10.3.mpkg
 Install OIT-QuantumGIS_1.7.2.pkg
 Install OIT-QuickTimeBroadcaster1.5.3.pkg
 Install OIT-R-2.14.0.pkg
 Install OIT-RealPlayer 10.dmg
 Install OIT-Remote Desktop Connection 2.dmg
 Install OIT-Sidebar.dmg
 Install OIT-Solver_2011.pkg
 Install OIT-SPSS 19.dmg
 Install OIT-Stuffit_Expander_15.0.4.dmg
 Install OIT-TextWrangler 3.5.3 (2890) .dmg
 Install OIT-TurningPoint AnyWhere 3.0.2 (1695) .dmg
 Install OIT-VPython-Mac-Py3.1-5.71.mpkg
 Install OIT-Adobe After Effects CS5.5_Install.pkg
 Install OIT-Adobe InDesign CS5.5_Install.pkg
 Install OIT-iWork_9.0.5_Update.pkg
 Install all available SWUs
 Set Open Firmware/EFI Password
 Fix ByHost Files
 Flush System and User caches
 Update Inventory
 Reboot immediately if nobody is logged in
 Reboot immediately if somebody is logged in
 If rebooting, display message ‘This computer will reboot NOW!!’ to end user