University revises Computer Use Regulation

NC State University has revised its Computer Use Regulation. The revised version, which consolidates the Computer Use Regulation and the now-repealed Software License Requirements Regulation, further defines and clarifies acceptable use of campus information technology (IT) resources — such as computer equipment, software, networks, computer system accounts, and other digital assets and resources — for administrative, academic and personal use.

A summary of recent changes to the regulation includes the following:

  • Section 2.4 clarifies who may request a review of data residing on or passing over university IT resources, as well as the circumstances under which a review may occur.  
  • Section 2.5 clarifies that employees should have no expectation of privacy, subject to Section 2.4, with regard to any personal material stored on, archived on, or passing over university IT resources.
  • Section 2.16 clarifies that employees using either university or personally-owned mobile devices must ensure the protection of sensitive data stored on or passing over the devices.
  • Section 3 clarifies that employees may still use university IT resources for limited personal use, but not for private enterprise.
  • Section 7 incorporates the former Software License Requirements Regulation in to the Computer Use Regulation.

A new Summary and Use Guidelines document is available under the “Additional References” section of the Computer Use Regulation and contains specific use cases to help students, faculty and staff determine acceptable use of university computing resources. All members of the campus community are expected to understand and abide not only by university IT policies, rules and regulations, but also by state and federal laws that may apply to use of these resources.

For more information, view the Computer Use Regulation on the Policies, Regulations and Rules website.