Trend Micro antivirus ends June 29. Install new Kaspersky Antivirus now

The Office of Information Technology announces the availability of Kaspersky Antivirus, the university’s new antivirus solution, at no charge to current NC State students, faculty and staff.

As part of its continuing efforts to keep the campus network secure, NC State requires approved antivirus software to be installed and kept up-to-date for computers connecting to the campus network.

Kaspersky – available for both personally-owned and university-owned devices – replaces Trend Micro, which will expire on June 29, 2014. After this date, your devices using Trend Micro will no longer be protected from various malware and viruses. To protect your data and the university’s systems and data, it is imperative that you install the new antivirus on your devices prior to June 29.

To install Kaspersky on your personally-owned device:

  •  Visit kaspersky.
  •  Log in with your Unity ID and password if you haven’t already done so.
  • Follow the instructions for downloading and installing the personal version of Kaspersky. You can install this software on up to three personal devices.
  • Do NOT install the personal version of this software on university-owned devices.

To Install Kaspersky on a university-owned device:

  • Contact your local IT staff to determine your unit’s schedule to install Kaspersky on university-owned devices.
  • If you do not have local IT staff to assist you, visit kaspersky. for instructions on how to install Kaspersky on your university-owned device.


  • Instead of Kaspersky, you may use one of the approved alternate antivirus products at Approved Alternate Antivirus Products . Be aware that the NC State Help Desk does NOT provide technical support for any alternate antivirus software.


  • Visit to learn more about Kaspersky Antivirus and how it works.
  • Contact the NC State Help Desk during normal business hours at or 919.515.HELP (4357) if you have questions.

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