OIT publishes 2013-14 Annual Report: Leading IT

The OIT 2013-14 Annual Report: Leading IT simultaneously introduces a new era of IT partnership and marks the completion of a three-phrase strategic planning process to improve the use of information technology as a driver for change.

The annual report highlights Partners in Innovation: A Strategic Plan for IT at NC State, 2014-2020, a collaboration between OIT and its campus partners. Introduced this year, the university’s first IT strategic plan will help lead campus IT innovation, cyberinfrastructure management and collaboration. The strategic plan is the culmination of a multiple-year strategic planning process, which initially involved an assessment of OIT’s internal operations and then later the formation of a new campus IT Governance structure, which was the first step to align campus IT objectives with those of the university.

In Leading IT, OIT aligns its numerous projects and services completed this fiscal year with the goals and strategies of the new IT strategic plan and with those of The Pathway to the Future: NC State’s 2011-2020 Strategic Plan. Finally, the annual report recognizes the accolades and accomplishments of OIT staff members. Read Leading IT to learn more about how OIT is improving the campus IT infrastructure and university business operations.