Wolfpack Reporting System enhancements make big impact

OIT, the Office of Finance and Business and campus customers have made changes to the Wolfpack Reporting System (WRS) that are greatly enhancing performance and functionality for users. Available via theĀ MyPack Portal, the Wolfpack Reporting System is a one-stop shop for all frequently used financial reports.

The project to improve the system began this summer with the formation of the WRS Rewrite Committee to address the current performance issues related to running reports and using the drill downs. To capture campus feedback, the committee conducted three town hall meetings and a user survey.

After the improvements were made, the main menu loads significantly faster and stays open in its own tab/window, with each report opening in a separate tab/window. Campus users will save time by not having to reload the main menu for each new report. Multiple reports also can be opened simultaneously with drill-down and rerun functionality.

In addition, the new enhancements allow OIT to capture the type and number of financial reports that are run on campus. This information will be used to determine which reports are most beneficial and to target specific audiences for training and report notifications. From Oct. 30 to Nov. 13, the Wolfpack Reporting System has been used more than 51,000 times by campus customers.