New features available in Google Apps

Google continues to offer new product features for Google Apps for Education users. They include:

  • New Google Drive
    Google rolled out a new interface for Google Drive this month. If you haven’t already, experience the new Drive by following these steps:

    • Open your Google Drive account.
    • Select Settings.
    • Choose Experience the New Drive.

For a detailed tour of what’s new in Google Drive, visit the Google+ event page to view a recorded webinar hosted by the Google Service Team.

  • New URL format for Docs editors
    Google is changing the URL structure of Docs editors to use the new /u/ domain format for Google Apps customers. Currently, if you are signed in to multiple Google accounts and open a Docs editor file, you may be asked to select a specific account to open the file. With the domain format change, the Docs editors will automatically select the first account with view access. All URLs with the current /a/ domain format will continue to work after this change. For more information, see Google Docs editors URL format change.
  • Conditional Formatting improvements in Sheets
    In the newly designed editing pane of Sheets, you can now:

    • add gradient conditional formatting rules
    • choose from more style options
    • import or export color scale conditional formatting
  • New Gmail iOS
    With the new version of Gmail iOS, you can:

    • Email files from other apps
      Attach your photos and other documents to a Gmail message from various apps including iPhoto and Chrome.
    • Easily open attachments
      The new attachment viewer allows you to open files in the app of your choice.
    • Take quick actions on notifications
      Reply to or archive new messages from your lock or notifications screen without opening an app.

For more details on Google’s new enhancements, check out the March edition of Google Apps What’s New. You can also follow the Google Service Team on: