NC State to upgrade Shibboleth authentication service on May 11

Effective Wednesday, May 11 at 7 a.m., NC State will perform a major upgrade from Shibboleth V2 to V3 that may impact the availability of all campus systems using the authentication service. Effective July 31, V2 will no longer be supported.

Campus systems that will be impacted by the upgrade include, but are not limited to:

  • MyPack Portal
  • ServiceNow
  • Web Leave
  • Moodle, WolfWare and other DELTA resources
  • Numerous departmental-hosted services

The upgrade also will impact non-NC State and third-party services that utilize the authentication service.

How you will be impacted

  • Password expiration will be enforced for all Shibboleth logins. You will no longer be allowed to log in to accounts that have exceeded their password expiration. All logins must be made from an active account.
  • You will need to reauthorize your attribute releases on initial login to a site. Attribute releases provide information about you (e.g., campus affiliation, mail ID, password expiration) that will be shared with the service you are requesting to access.
  • You will receive an Impending Password Expiration warning 14 days in advance of your password expiration date. You can opt to change your password then or wait until it expires.

Earlier this year, NC State leveraged its InCommon participation via Shibboleth to offer single sign-on convenience to 40 other international federations via the eduGAIN global inter-federation service. For more information on eduGAIN, see the SysNews announcement.