Google to implement new security measures to combat phishing

Google will soon add two new security features to its G Suite domain to combat phishing attacks.

Armed with a new algorithm, Google’s security experts can now flag and delay suspicious email messages before they’re delivered to your Inbox. This measure improves early detection of phishing attempts by postponing delivery of these messages until additional security checks are performed, such as Google’s Safe Browsing that tests links contained in email messages.

Google also will provide a Gmail security warning when you reply to emails with From: addresses that are not:

  • in the domain
  • in your address books
  • from someone whom you interact with on a regular basis

This feature helps to protect NC State users against forged email messages, impersonation and incorrectly typed email addresses.

For more information about these changes, see G Suite Updates. If you have any questions about these security features or about a suspicious email message, contact the NC State Help Desk at or 919.515.4357 (HELP).