New Google Contacts coming Sept. 26

Google is introducing a new platform on Sept. 26 that promises to bring all of your Google Contacts together.

Google Contacts is your online address book that integrates with Gmail, Calendar and other Google apps.

The new user friendly redesign will allow you to:

  • locate and merge duplicates with ease.
  • consolidate contact cards.
  • perform additional sorting options.
  • revert back to old Contacts for a limited time.

Although most of your favorite Contacts tools will still be available, you may notice a few changes:

  • Contacts will be accessible via Gmail and the waffle icon Waffle icon  in other G Suite apps.
  • The Contacts page will open in a new window.
  • You will be able to organize your Groups Contacts using labels.
  • Delegate Contacts or Manage Delegation Settings will not be available. You will need to revert back to the old Contacts to access this feature.

For more information, visit Get Started with Contacts in the G Suite Learning Center.