Introducing Gutenberg for WordPress

WordPress has big changes planned in its upcoming release of version 5.0.

After 12 years, WordPress is replacing its basic content editor with a new editing experience, code named “Gutenberg.” Users can expect to see a very different interface with a cleaner and more simplistic view. Content will be added in “blocks,” rather than the single traditional content editor window. While much of the functionality is the same, there are some new and improved editing features. Users should expect a learning curve.

The arrival date of Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0 is still unknown. Officially, developers are aiming for April, however the initial release may be limited. In the meantime, OIT is working with groups across campus to plan their transitions to the new editor. In addition, the OIT Design and Web Services team has added two workshops to its WordPress offerings:

  • Gutenberg for Content Creators provides a closer look at what’s included in Gutenberg and how to transition content.
  • Gutenberg for Site Administrators provides a broader look at the impact of the plugin and how it may impact the management of a site.

For additional information and to register for these classes, visit the OIT Design and Web Services Gutenberg page.