New ways to hangout with Meet and Chat

Google is introducing two new tools — Hangouts Chat and Meet — to make team collaboration even easier. These tools, however, are not available to campus G Suite Education users yet.

Chat offers individual chats or team discussions in one location. You can use Google Groups, Drive files, web conferencing tools, and more to enhance your Chat experience.  

Meet is the new web conferencing interface that provides enhanced video quality and a cleaner user interface. Users can still enjoy the ease of screen sharing, conducting internal group chats, and inviting others via calendar events or link sharing.  

Because Chat and Meet will have user experience changes and potential data retention implications, NC State is reviewing documentation and consulting university officials before enabling these apps for campus use. The Google Service Team will provide an update to campus G Suite users as soon as a rollout schedule has been determined.

For additional information on these updates and other G Suite announcements, check out the latest edition of What’s New In G Suite or follow the NC State Google Services Team on Google+.