Increased phishing and security protection in Gmail

Google is rolling out enhanced email protection to warn you of possible phishing attacks.

These new features will identify 99.9 percent of business email compromise scenarios, such as:

  • Emails sent by untrusted senders that have encrypted attachments or embedded scripts.
  • Messages that try to spoof employee names or come from domains similar to NC State’s domain.
  • Spear phishing attempts (unauthenticated emails).
  • Images that may include phishing indicators.
  • Shortened URLs that may hide malicious links.

These messages are either automatically moved to the spam folder or flagged with warnings for your review. Examples of email warnings are shown below:

Screenshot of email warnings


Screenshot of email warning






You are encouraged to contact the Help Desk if you have questions about a potential phishing email or scam or if your email has been flagged.