MacPolicy 05082018

MacPolicy Group Agenda
Tuesday, May 8, 2018
1:30 to 2:30 — Room B16-B Hillsborough Bld.

  • Announcements – 5 min
    1. OIT only supports OS X 10.11.6 and macOS 10.13.2 or newer
    2. Status page for services see
    3. OIT Macintosh Support Web Site for updates.
    4. Slack group #macintosh
    5. Apple Sales Rep: Paul & System Eng: Dave Anderson.
    6. macOS versions that shipped with Intel Hardware:
    7. Vintage and Obsolete Apple Products:
    8. Apple Education Support Line 800-800-2775 use this number only. Always verify Apple Care Coverage.
    9. Antivirus for university owned devices –
    10. Unity Macintosh Workflow uses Active Directory configuration with local home directory at /Users/$uid$
    11. OIT supports only Apple, Intel (i386) hardware for Mac OS and software. Only unmodified iOS is supported.
    12. Please remember to check prices at to verify best price with NC State Marketplace
    13. Authorized NC State personnel wanting to get training and tools for Apple Certified Technician should request invitation by opening a help desk ticket at Must login to GSX monthly!!
    14. UNC Combined Pricing Initiative (CPI)
    15. JAMF Pro Enterprise service, and for details
    16. JAMF Pro version10.4.0 released expect update of before July 2018 

      Apple Bulk Buy Calendar – 5 min
      New calendar for 2018 CPP bulk buys.
      The May Bulk Buy is in process now until 24th. Discussion move complete – 5 min
      OIT has completed the move to Apple School Manager (ASM) and integration with Jamf Pro. All new DEP and VPP will be handled there and will used Institutional Apple IDs of form <unityid> Accounts must be requested via  Discussion. 

      Endpoint Protection Standard Update – 5 min
      The Endpoint Protection Standard was approved by University Cabinet and is in process of being published on OGC web site. Both the Standard and the Implementation Plan are approved.  See
      Endpoint Protection Standard –
      EndPoint Protection Standard Implementation –

      Jamf Pro Issues – 15 min
      The move to Jamf Pro 10.3.1 has been horrible.  We ran into Product Issue PI-005434 that JAMF had reported as fixed. See’s_New_in_This_Release.html
      The USWCA Team had specifically avoided version 10.2.x due to these issues and waited for 10.3.x to be “safe”.  The need to support User Approved MDM drove the move to 10.3.1 but the bug took 8 days to stabilize the JSS (3 JSS  and 1 MySQL VMs with 64 gig RAM and 16 cores did it, at that MySQL runs CPUs at 50-70% during day) . While we are 98% functional we are still waiting for a true code fix.  Jamf Support and Cloud hosting are checking in with OIT daily to deal with any issues. Also be aware that there are significant changes around UAMDM in 10.13.4 which will require workflow rethinking(more in MacTech).  Discussion 

      Summer and Fall Software Needs? – 15 min
      Looking for software needs for Summer and Fall semesters.  Discussion

      Q&A – 15 min
      You ask we try to answer

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