Google tweaks Calendar and Drive interfaces

Gmail isn’t the only Google product that is getting a facelift. You should notice some formatting and design tweaks to your Google Calendar interface now and to your Google Drive interface later this month.

Google is making these changes to improve your experience with Calendar and Drive and to implement its new branding across its products. The new interface will include the following improvements:

  • The Google Drive and Calendar logo will move to the top left.
  • The NC State logo will appear in the top right.
  • The Settings icon will be in line with the search bar.
  • The Help Center icon will be in line with the search bar.
  • The page background will be now be white instead of gray.
  • There is a different “New” button.
  • There will be new header fonts.

For a comparison of the old and the new Google Drive interface, visit Google Drive UI Updates.

For information on other G Suite announcements, check out the latest edition of What’s New In G Suite or follow the NC State Google Services Team on Google+.