OIT implements Duo Security for Microsoft Office 365

To protect your Unity credentials against cyber threats, OIT Windows and Middleware Services implemented Duo Security for its Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) on May 10.

This implementation impacted users of Microsoft Office 365 and Office client software as well as future applications that will use ADFS single sign-on authentication. Office 365 is Microsoft’s online suite of productivity services, including Word, Excel, OneNote, and PowerPoint.

A two-step login process, Duo “double checks” your identity when you sign in to an account by requiring you to log in with a password and an additional security measure, including a security code that is delivered via mobile app, SMS text or a U2F security key. This simple two-step login process makes it extremely difficult for a hacker to breach your account and thwarts up to 98 percent of all phishing attacks. Duo is currently used to protect university web applications that use Shibboleth authentication, such as the MyPack Portal, Moodle and PeopleAdmin.

Current Duo Users
If you are currently required to use Duo to access Shibboleth online services, you will now have to use Duo to authenticate to Office 365.

Non-Duo Users
If you are a student or someone who is currently NOT required to use Duo, you can continue to sign on to Office 365 with your campus Unity ID and password, but are strongly encouraged to enroll in Duo.

If you have any questions about this new requirement or Office 365, please contact the NC State Help Desk at help@ncsu.edu or 919.515.4357 (HELP). For more information about Duo, see Two-Factor Authentication at NC State.