Try the new Gmail interface

You may have heard that Google is redesigning Gmail and wanted to give the new interface a try!

Right now, you have the option to try the new experience from your Gmail settings option (Gear icon) or you can continue to use the classic version of Gmail. If you try the new Gmail and want to return to the classic version, simply go to the Gear icon and choose Go back to classic Gmail. Check SysNews for updates on the timeline to roll out the new Gmail UI.

The redesigned Gmail interface includes:

  • a number of enterprise-friendly features that previously existed as Gmail Labs in the classic version. They include canned responses, multiple inboxes, preview pane, and more.
    You can access these features from the Advanced tab in their settings.
  • new features, like Smart Reply that offers suggested replies so you can respond faster to email, and Quick Apps to provide easy access to apps you use often.

For additional information, see Stay composed: here’s a quick rundown of the new Gmail.