MacTech 05142019

MacTech Groups Agenda
Tuesday, May 14, 2019
2:30 to 4:30 pm
Room B16-B Hillsborough Bld.

Announcements – 5 min

  • OIT only supports macOS 10.13.6 or newer
  • Status page for services see
  • OIT Macintosh Support Web Site for updates.
  • Slack group #macintosh
  • Apple Sales: Paul & Sys Eng: Dave
  • macOS versions that shipped with Intel Hardware:
  • Vintage and Obsolete Apple Products:
  • Apple Education Support Line 800-800-2775 use this number only. Always verify Apple Care Coverage.
  • Antivirus for university owned devices –
  • Unity Macintosh Workflow uses Active Directory configuration with local home directory at /Users/$uid$
  • OIT supports only Apple, Intel (i386) hardware for Mac OS and software. Only unmodified iOS is supported.
  • Please remember to check prices at to verify best price with NC State Marketplace
  • Authorized NC State personnel wanting to get training and tools for Apple Certified Technician should request invitation by opening a help desk ticket at Must login to GSX monthly!!
  • UNC Combined Pricing Initiative (CPI)
  • JAMF Pro Enterprise service, and for details
  • JNUC 2019

Training – 5 min

OIT-iOS Mobile Device Security  – TBA

OIT-Managing Apple Devices with Jamf Pro – Request –

OIT-Jamf Pro Best Practices for Packagers – Request –

OIT-Advanced OS X Management with Jamf Pro – April 15, 2019

CrashPlan for Sub-Org Administrators – Request –

Local Based Commercial Training –

JAMF Pro Training –


Service Updates – 15 min


Configuration Management  – Jamf Pro V 10.11.1 update was completed.

Jamf Pro 10.12 is now available on for testing!

Release notes for 10.12 –’s_New.html

***NOTE: All MCX settings have been removed from JAMF Pro as announced last month.


CommunityPatch – No change.  PLEASE TEST in!

CrashPlan – Getting ready to update to version 6.8.8 on 05152019. After that update we will move again to require <unityId> as username. Once the id change is complete will be moving to full cloud hosting likely mid-June 2019.

Internet Recovery – Command-Option-R to install latest version for hardware or Command-R to install currently installed version.

Software Packaging – autopkg-conductor is installed and working but still have to manually upload some packages. Some movement on JSS-Importer betas but until we see movement on proper API will be limited.  The enhancement was set as “planned” in Aug 2018

AntiMalware– DetectX Swift is now available and should be installed using these packages:

NCSU-Campus-DetectX_Swiftxxxx.pkg (were xxxx is a version number currently 1087)


For full details see

Sensitive Data Discovery – NCSU-Campus-SpirionIdentityFinder1054.pkg

Apple School Manager – No changes or updates


Upcoming Jamf Visit @ June MacTech – 5 min

At the June MacTech we will have Stacy Behlmer, Jamf Customer Success Manager and Ben Dennis our area Jamf Sales rep. join us.  They want to talk about :

Discuss Jamf Education-focused initiatives and improvements

Identify and discuss upcoming projects and timelines

Identify any areas of concern

Review common workflows for ways to add efficiency and stability

Please mark your calendar and have questions ready.


Jamf Connect License & Demo– 10 min

Several folks have expressed interest in bulk purchase or bundling Jamf Connect (  The education price is $5 per seat at 0-9999 Tier and the price at 10,000+ seat Tier is $3.35.  We have asked Jamf Sales what the cost would be if we bundle Jamf Pro Premium we have now with Jamf Connect and are waiting to hear back. If we try to make the price tier, NCSU alone can only make about 7,000 seats if everyone wanted to use Jamf Connect.  A technical note, Jamf Connect does not replace NoMAD/NoLoAD.  Jamf Connect is required to use one of the modern identity providers it supports ( Okta, Google Identity, IBM Cloud Identity, Microsoft Azure AD, or OneLogin) while NoMAD/NoLoAD continues to support legacy Active Directory (as kerberos and ldaps service).  

Proof of Concept demo using Google Identity.  

How many folks would be interested?  Discussion

AppleCare for Enterprise update – 10 min

AppleCare for Enterprise cost is $175 per unit for 3yr. 

AppleCare+ for Macs is normally ~$160 – $280 for 3 yr.  

We can not get AppleCare for Enterprise added to NCSU Market Place so must be special order.  

All Macs purchased at NCSU would be required to add the $175 to the cost and make a separate special order. Benefits are next day – on site repair, 24/7 enterprise support, dedicated account manager, 24/7 one hour response for priority 1 issues  Are we still interested?? Discussion


Surplus Disposal update and New Label – 10 min

OIT continues to work with Surplus to get access to the surplus report so devices can be “released” when sold outside the University SOLD TO number.  There is a new label for certifying surplus devices that requires sign off on 1) removal of firmware passwords, 2) removal of all PINs, FaceID, etc, 3) removal from device management (unassign) and format/removal of storage devices.  OIT is very close to releasing a new web page on media device “formatting” which includes info on secure format of solid state storage. “Demo of label”. Discussion

Apple Updates – 10 min
Updates for all Apple Operating Systems were released 05132019 with support for AirPlay2 and security patches.  See or the App Store
macOS 10.14.5, iOS 12.3, watchOS 5.2.1, and tvOS 12.3

Q&A – 15 min

You ask we try to answer


Next meeting:

MacTech – Tue. June 11, 2019 in Room B16-B Hillsborough from 2:30-4:30 pm.

MacTech – 2nd Tuesday each month: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec

MacTech dos not meet in July.

Meetings usually held in B16-B Hillsborough Bld.

Please mark your calendar.