Launch Priority view in Drive

Later this month, Google will launch a new Priority view in Google Drive to help you prioritize your files and organize them into related workspaces.

You can access this new page from Drive’s left-hand navigation. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, the Priority page offers two sections:

  • Priority
    Ranked in importance, these are Google-suggested files that are based on your recent actions and other factors. Each file offers a shortcut to reply, share, comment, or to view edits.
  • Workspaces
    • Use to group multiple files that might be related to the same project.
    • May be suggested by Google as well as user created.
    • Available in My Drive and Team Drive.

To add a new file to your Workspace:

  • Right click the file.
  • Select Add to Workspace.

The Priority page can be configured as the default landing page for your Drive account. See Settings.

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Google Priority View