Adobe Creative Cloud and Acrobat license changes 

Recent changes in the Adobe campus serial licenses might impact your ability to use Creative Cloud and Acrobat.

  • 2018 or older versions of Creative Cloud products do not work and are out of compliance, in accordance with the current campus Adobe license. All software will need to be updated to 2019 or 2020 products. Campus IT support staff have been updating Adobe software on machines during the past few months. If you do not have the latest software installed on your machine, contact your local IT support staff for assistance; they may have opted not to install the Creative Cloud suite.
  • Only full-time employees are eligible for an Adobe product license.
  • Anyone who uses a Creative Cloud product is now required to sign in. Full-time faculty or staff can sign in with a Federated ID, while others will need to create or use an Adobe ID. Sign-in instructions are available in Adobe FAQs

Acrobat Assistance

Several campus users have reported that they only have a trial version of Adobe Acrobat. This could occur for several reasons:

  • Acrobat is out-of-date and needs to be updated. Your local IT will need to update it to a current version or remove it from your machine.
  • Users are not signing in correctly. Please follow the sign-in instructions listed in Adobe FAQs. If you follow these specific instructions, then Software Licensing staff can assist you in getting Acrobat back up and running fairly quickly.
  • Users are not listed in the Acrobat management console. Software Licensing attempted to upload all full-time faculty and staff and postdocs into the console, but not everyone was successfully added.

In a few rare circumstances, Acrobat may need to be uninstalled and reinstalled. In that case, you can receive assistance from:

  • your local IT support staff; or 
  • Managed Desktop Support if you are an OIT Managed Desktop customer. 

Please be aware that this issue is impacting users across campus, and Software Licensing is taking corrective action as quickly as possible.