Manage Google Groups with ListMinder and Persona

Do you need help to manage changes to existing Google Groups or to create new groups based on specific criteria? NC State now has two new services to assist you with group membership.


If you used the ListMinder service to help manage your Majordomo mailing list, it is now available to help manage your group.

With ListMinder, you can:

  • Manage subscribers for multiple groups.
  • Monitor changes to a group.
  • Automate subscribers with WolfTech Identity groups, which are generated from Human Resources and Student Information System data.
  • Offboard employees easier by providing a list of their subscribed groups in one location. 

Developed by WolfTech IT in the NC State Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the service is available to faculty and staff members. For more information, log in to ListMinder with your UnityID and password.


Persona is also available to help manage your group membership. Persona is an attribute-based service that allows you to create a group that will automatically update based on a set of criteria.

With Persona, you can create a group that includes:

  • All full-time staff that report to a position
  • Instructors and students enrolled for a specific set of courses
  • Employees assigned to work in a particular building

Using its query-like criteria, you can be as broad or specific as you want to create exactly the group you need. 

Persona now syncs group membership to Google Groups or Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and offers a fully featured REST API for integration with other services. 

Full-time faculty and staff can request access to the service by emailing For more information, see Persona.