NC State, industry partners to participate in cyberstalking panel

Are you being stalked in cyberspace?

When you use digital technologies β€” smartphones, computers, video streaming and conferencing, social media, email, and geo-mapping services β€” you leave digital snapshots of your online activities that can be harvested for good and bad intentions.

If you are concerned about how much of your information is in cyberspace, who is tracking your data online and how they are collecting it, then join a seven-member panel of NC State faculty, staff and industry partners for β€œAre You Being Stalked in Cyberspace?” on Friday, Feb. 26 at 2 p.m. These panelists will examine the data tracking ecosystem and the growing concerns with privacy in cyberspace. Bring all of your questions.

To register for this and other data privacy events, visit NC State’s Data Privacy Month website. All events are co-sponsored by the NC State Office of Information Technology, the NC State Department of Computer Science, ePartners Program, LabCorp, and MetLife.