OIT to update NC State login pages

When you log in to many NC State online systems and services at the end of this month, you will see icon changes on the NC State Unity ID and Brickyard login pages. 

The changes are the efforts of the OIT Identity Management Service Team and DELTA to ensure that NC State Login systems and services comply with university brand guidelines. No functional changes will be made to login systems.

New Login Changes

Starting on May 29, the NC State Memorial Belltower will become the new Unity ID Login icon, replacing the block S that is currently reserved for student, alumni and spirit communications. The Unity ID Login is used by NC State students, faculty and staff to access university services.

Click on the new login image below to enlarge.

Both the NC State Unity ID and Brickyard logins will feature a white vertical line between the icon and associated text, providing additional space for a cleaner look. The Brickyard Login is used by NC State guests, affiliates and parents to access university services.

These changes will be applied to:

  • MyPack Portal
  • Moodle
  • Zoom
  • Brickyard Shibboleth login pages
  • Unity Shibboleth login pages
  • DUO Security login pages
  • Other systems hosted locally

Note: When the new login screens are moved into production, they might have a slight change in appearance.