Report cybersecurity incidents

Cyberattacks are on the rise on NC State’s campus. Now, more than ever, students, faculty and staff need to know the steps to report a cybersecurity incident to protect their sensitive personal and university data. 

What is a cybersecurity incident? A security incident is an event that violates an explicit or implied security policy, including:

  • Potential unauthorized disclosure or alteration of sensitive data
  • Loss or theft of devices or media containing sensitive data
  • University webpage displaying inappropriate content
  • Distribution of malicious software on NC State computers

If you are aware of a potential cybersecurity incident, report it to the NC State Help Desk:

  • Online
    • Visit IT Service Portal to contact the help desk through the “Get Help” tab. To expedite the support ticket, include a description of the incident (e.g., loss or theft of device or disclosure of sensitive data) in the “short description” field.
    • If you believe sensitive data (e.g., credit card information, Social Security number) has been accessed, be sure to include what type of data was disclosed in the description field of the help desk ticket.
    • If it’s a campus machine that was compromised, go to MyIP, copy its contents and paste it into the description field of the help desk support ticket.
    • The help desk will route your completed support ticket to the appropriate group that will follow up with you.
  • Phone
    • Call 919.515.HELP (4357) to inform the help desk of the incident.
    • The help desk will route your call to the appropriate group to follow up with you.

The information you provide to the help desk can help protect other campus users. For more information, view the Cybersecurity Incident Response Policies.