Protect your assets: Complete Data Security Training

Whether you are a student employee, faculty or staff member, or even a retiree, Data Security Training provides you with invaluable tips to protect your personal and sensitive data — such as Social Security, banking and credit card numbers, mobile pay, and social media accounts — against cyber threats.

When you protect yourself, you help to protect the entire Wolfpack! 

All active employees are required to complete the 30-minute training by Jan. 27; the training covers cybersecurity awareness topics such as social engineering, data classification and mobile device security. 

As of Jan. 10, approximately 37% of 25,143 university employees have completed the Data Security Training module. Employees who have not completed the training will receive an email reminder one week and then one day prior to the training deadline.

What you should know

As an employee, you:

  • Have been pre-registered and received an email from REPORTER with instructions on how to access the Data Security Training.
  • Have the option to watch the module with Spanish or French subtitles.
  • May complete the module in multiple sessions. You must watch the entire module and answer all of the knowledge questions. 
  • Will receive a Certificate of Completion upon successfully reviewing the material. Completion will also be recorded in REPORTER as part of your required training portfolio. 
  • Will receive, along with your supervisor, email reminders until you have completed the training module.


  • Campus supervisors must verify that their employees have completed the training module by Jan. 27. See Reviewing Compliance Warnings for detailed instructions on viewing training records in REPORTER.
  • Campus supervisors will be copied on reminders for their employees who have not completed the training.


If you have questions about the Data Security Training, contact the NC State Help Desk via the NC State IT Service Portal or call 919.515.HELP (4357).